5 Reasons to have a professional body scrub in Hanoi

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You want to enjoy a day relaxing in spa, escaping from the summer heat during our trip Hanoi. Youwant smooth and radiant skin.Unfortunately, they are covered in a dense layer of dead skin cells. Moisturising lotion alone is not enough, as it must first fight through the dry deadness before even reaching the outermost layer of our skin. These 5 reasons will make you want to book for a professional body scrub in Hanoi right away.

Benefits from massage body scrub

  • Exfoliating

This is one of the greatest benefits that body scrub in Hanoi offersyour skin. By removing the worthless dead skin cells present on our skin, the scrub pave the way for regeneration of new, healthy cells that leave your skin looking and feeling fresh. Exfoliating is especially important as you’re travelling in a tropical city like Hanoi. Body scrub is a great practice to incorporate into your regular skin routine.

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  • Relaxing

With the running around and chaos of Hanoi, we each deserve to have a body scrub for a little down time. By treating yourself to a gentle, yet thorough body scrub, you allow your entire body to feel pampered and plush. The scent of the essential oils that are typically incorporated into the scrub also have potent effects on the mind while simultaneously treating the skin.

  • Cleansing

The grainy elements (most commonly from sea salts or sugars) that make up the breadth of the body scrub are efficient in removing not only dead skin cells but also dirt caused by Hanoi traffic. After the body scrub, your post-wash moisturiser will have even deeper effects, penetrating the skin and leaving longer-lasting results.

  • Glowing Skin

If the above reasons weren’t enough to convince you, then this should. What better way to demonstrate your confidence and feel beautiful in your own body than to show off you radiant, glowing skin? Body scrub is a wonderful treat for yourself on the last day you stay in Hanoi. Let’s come back home with bright, smooth skin ever.


  • Increasing Circulation

It’s not only caffeine-infused body scrub that get the blood flowing. Body scrubin general work to empty the lymph nodes and improve the natural circulation of our blood, allowing it to invigorate the surface of the skin and even out your skin tone.

Body scrub can be served at a variety of spa in Hanoi, but if you’re up for a real professional exfoliation, let make an appointment at SF Spa. It will be the best treat you’ve ever given to your skin.

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