How to find a spa deal in Hanoi?

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Spa deal is plentiful these days at all types of spa in Hanoi. With some simple work, you can enjoy a spa day with soothing and relaxing massage. Here's what you need to do to dig up a best spa dealin Hanoi and save.

How to find a spa deal in Hanoi?

1. Sign up for emails from your favorite spa in Hanoi

Some spa doesn't want to advertise their spa deal, but they email or text deals to regular customers. You'll find out about last-minute discounts, classes and lectures. If you receive the email while making a summer vacation plan, it’d be a pity if you don’t flight in Hanoi.

2. Travel in Hanoi in travel-off season

If you're planning a spa vacation in Hanoi, rates drop dramatically when you go off-season. From October to December will be the best time if you want to enjoy a quiet Hanoi. You just have to decide if you can tolerate the off-season weather to get the spa deal. Shoulder seasons, which run in between high and low season, may offer good rates and decent weather.

3. Ask about off-peak rates and other specials

Some spa in Hanoi charge lower rates on the days and hours that have lower demand, such as Monday through Thursday or early morning hours. You'll get the best spa dealif you book a spa treatment at that time. By the way, a full body massage or just a foot massage after finishing a morning run around HoanKiemlake will be the best experience in Hanoi.

4. Join a rewards program

Some spa in Hanoi has loyalty programs that reward regular customers with a free massage after you get ten. That's a 10% discount - and you can go anytime you want. Or if you come to spa gradually enough to become their VIP customer, you’ll get at least 10% discount and more for special days.

5. Ask for a group rates

If you come in a group of five or ten people, you can ask for a small discount. Don’t hesitate to tell the spa and try to negotiate a group rate.

6. Buy aspa package

Treatments that require a series such as laser hair removal and microdermabrasion are usually cheaper when you pay upfront. But it's not a spa deal unless it's the right treatment for you.

7. Find a small day spa in an alley of the Old Quarter

If you're interested in just getting a massage or facial without all the frills, look for a small day spa in a small alley of the Old Quarter. Prices should be lower than a big, glitzy day spa.

8. Find a private practitioner

Massage therapists or estheticians who work out of their home usually charge less than a spa. They also tend to be more highly experienced. You won't get luxury amenities, and ambiance can vary, but they can help your progress towards your wellness and beauty goals. But it’s kinda hard to find a private massage therapist can speak English in Hanoi.

9. Spend a day at a resort spa in Hanoi

If you do splurge on in a resort spa in Hanoi, make a day of it. Get there early and use all the facilities – steam room, sauna and jacuzzi. Don't rush off. Bring your swimsuit and a good book - then hang out by the pool.

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