Men should have a massage too

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Massage is more popular in women than men. The idea of going for a massage conjures up visions of spas and pampering which many men don’t see as being very masculine. This is a shame but massage has many benefits for men too, some of which may be just what they need.Studies showed that men are more likely to store up stress and worries while women are more likely to share them. The downside of “bottling up” this stress is that men are more likely to be both mentally and physically...



5 health benefits to get a massage in Hanoi

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You’ve heard it before, getting a massage has great health benefits, especially when you are having a new experiences in a new city like Hanoi. It does! Do you know what a few of those amazing benefits are? Read on to find out 5 amazing health benefits of massage.5 wonderful health benefits to get a massage in HanoiImproved circulationOne amazing health benefit is improved circulation. Food, weather, noise in Hanoi may have had effects to your health. The massage therapist is literally...