Thai massage, wonderful pain relief in Hanoi

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If you are experiencing joint pain after a day exploring Hanoi Old Quarter, a professional Thai massage can help. Thai massage is created for centuries and now have become very popular in the world, including Hanoi. The combination of stretches and energy movement opens joints, elongates muscles, and generally creates space in painful areas to bring relief. Here is some expert advice on what to expect with a Thai massage in Hanoi.

Thai massage, wonderful pain relief in Hanoi

  • Thai massage helps reduce pain

Thai massage has a wide range of benefits. Here are some benefits for how it will impact your muscle. Some joint pain is caused by tight (shortened) muscles which pull on the joint, causing pressure and sometimes misalignment of the joint. The combination of gentle massage and stretches in Thai massage relaxes and lengthens tight muscles. This takes pressure off the joints and allows them to fall back into proper alignment, relieving the pain. Additionally, the muscular flexibility gained in a Thai massage allows for greater range of motion in the joints.

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  • You don’t have to go to Thailand to have a traditional Thai massage

There are plenty of therapists that specialize in Thai massage here in Hanoi. Many of them are working for traditional spa in the Old Quarter. SF Spa, Mido Spa, La sieta Spa, Essence Spa, Bamboo Spa are good places to start looking. Also check with Omamori Spa, a spa in Hanoi which is famous with blind therapists. Their skillful hands can touch your deepest energy point without seeing.

  • Difference between Thai massage and other kind of massage

The main difference you will notice when you receive the work is the stretching. While Thai massage is not the only massage modality that includes stretches, it is most likely the one with the most extensive amount. The work is done on a mat on the floor instead of a massage table, which allows the therapist better leverage for application of the stretches. Due to the slow, meditative nature of the work, a typical Thai massage session lasts 1.5 hours.

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Tips for the best Thai massage in Hanoi

  • Do dress in clothing that allows for movement of your body. Most Thai massages will not include the use of lotions or oils. Your therapist will ask you to dress in loose fitting clothing, which allows for movement while maintaining modesty and privacy.
  • Do drink a lot of water after the massage. While all types of massage have detoxifying effects on the body, Thai is especially that way. Proper hydration is essential after the work to assist your body in the process of ridding itself of toxins.
  • Do not get a massage if you are injured. The healing qualities of Thai massage are helpful for most everyone. Clients of all ages enjoy the work and its benefits. However, as with other forms of massage, there are some situations in which you should not receive the work, or it should be altered to meet your specific needs. Your therapist should take a thorough health history prior to working on you, so they can tailor the work to your needs.
  • Don’t feel rush. As mentioned above, traditional Thai massage sessions are 1.5 hours in length. Add to that the review of your health history and general getting to know you time. Plan to spend at least 2 hours at your appointment. There is nothing worse than stressing out while trying to receive a massage.
  • Don’t go on a full stomach. It is best not to eat a big meal within 2 hours, or a small meal within 1 hour of receiving the work. Thai Massage has great benefits for your digestive system, which you won’t want to miss out on.
  • Don’t talk or think too much. A quiet mind is the best way to reap the full meditative and spiritual benefits of a Thai Massage. Close your eyes, relax and enjoy a wonderful relaxing massage in Hanoi.

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