How reflexology differs from body massage?

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Many people are not familiar with reflexology, or confuse a reflexology session with a foot massage or other form of massage. While there are some similarities with massage and reflexology, they are two different modalities. However, they are both highly beneficial to the body and to healing. This article will help you to see the differences between reflexology and body massage

1. Reflexology

Reflexology involves squeezing certain parts of the feet, hands and ears in order to improve health.

The idea is that certain pressure points on the body can become blocked. The life force flows through the body and heals injuries, strain and illnesses.

Reflexologists are aware of various pressure points that must be squeezed in order to relieve blockages on certain parts of the body.


2. Body massage

Massage involves the manipulation of tissues in the body in order to relieve pressure and facilitate bodily relaxation. Massage is designed to relax stress by rubbing and beating the muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, lymphatic vessels, intestinal organs, hands, fingers, elbows, forearm and feet.

The methods of massage are diverse and include kneading, the rubbing in of herbal oils, relaxation techniques, rolling movements, leans and stretches, rocking of the body, muscle relaxation, medical massage, muscle strengthening, heated stones, rhythmic tapping, compression, yoga, pinching, heat therapy and hydro therapy.

Various massage therapists specialize in different massage techniques and often offer multiple methods to their clients.SF-Spa-full-body-massage

3. Differences between them

Reflexology and massage, like many other therapies, use the hands on the body, for the application of their techniques. However, that is where the similarities end. Reflexology is not a massage, in the same way that a massage is not reflexology. While a body massage can be complemented with reflexology, a reflexology session only includes the feet and hands.

Reflexology does not require that you remove any clothes, since only the feet, hands and ears are touched. Massage therapy instead asks you to only wear an undergarment since much of the body will be touched.

Reflexology focuses on one specific trigger point on your body while massage targets entire muscle groups. Reflexology only uses the fingers of the practitioner in order to provide relief, while masseurs use a variety of massage tools and also oils.

Reflexology aims to improve the function of the human organs, while massage is designed to relieve tension throughout the muscles.

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